Working method

We find it important that…

we contribute to a pleasant and healthy environment. Our designs are more than just ‘beautiful’. We do not conceive building as a ‘jacket’ to live in, to be cared in or to work in, but are an integral part thereof. With our designs we want to contribute to lower care costs, high welfare, less agitation, higher performances, less absence, quicker recovery, & even less use of mediation. We do this by putting the following five values central:

Our working method is based on 5 principles:

01. People always come first

The fascination for people in the urban environment and the influence of the interior of the welfare of people have resulted that people, the users, always come first with design assignments. How can someone enter the building? Does the routing match the function of the building? Is meeting people important or indeed a quiet waiting room? All questions that influence the experience and the effect of the environment.

02. we design from within

From the importance of the experience of the user we design ‘from within’. With this we mean the approach of the design assignment from the experience of the user as this person moves through the building. Hereby we work ‘from small to large’. How does a patient lie in a hospital bed? What is the view, the interior? And subsequently how do you walk into the corridor and how do you determine the route? The complete design is structured from the finest detail, in the aforementioned example the bed. Whereby an integral approach connects the complete building like a red thread.

03. research & knowledge in our foundation

From our researching attitude we start with a thorough analysis of the assignment. Building, location and program of requirements are revealed and researched. This analysis offers information and inspiration for the development of the interior concept. Both a researching approach of the design as a designing look with the research are entwined in all our activities. By initiating and participating in research we keep our knowledge up to date and at the same time it offers a justified motivation when making design choices during the design process.

04. We work integrally

Due to our double background of both interior design as architecture we use the technique of the building, such as installations, construction and building physics for the maximum result of the interior design. Due to our knowledge and experience we are able to use the qualities of the existing building technique and the Casco building for maximum efficiency of the interior design. It also enables us to consult with contract parties about alternative solutions and/or the integration of technique and building, for example.

Plus, within this complexity of building elements we look for the conceptual ‘red thread’ that connects the total building interior and therefore exceeds the sum of the loose elements.

05. we work together

In order to match the interior with the vision and wishes of the client and user as well as possible with every assignment, a close cooperation is important. To inspire and motivate each other, but also exchanging knowledge and communication, are essential for a good design.

We work on beautiful projects at various places.

We work on diverse projects across the Netherlands and even just outside. From Utrecht we have easy access to both the main cities as the eastern part of the country, but also the northern and southern provinces know where we are.

“In the people of studio id+ we have found expert professionals who assist us with expert knowledge in the realisation of the living environment.”

Fred Busschers | regional manager, Quarijn

Our clients

We work for various clients. From care organisations to developers and investors.

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