park boswijk

Park Boswijk is senior residence in the middle of the Doorn forests. Besides that, this is a unique location to live, it is also a unique concept. It is one of the few places where you can live and be connected to a large number of facilities at the same time.  Also including a restaurant, shop, central reception, but also fitness, library, music area, bowls course and for example a hairdresser and pedicure. These facilities are clustered in the central heart of Park Boswijk; the Brink. Studio id+ designed the interior for the complete Brink.

Existing versus new

The Brink is situated between two of the apartment wings. The entrance is at the parking area at the Boswijklaan. The forests are on the other side. The current setup and appearance of the Brink however did not evolve with the vision of Park Boswijk and requires a new approach.

In close cooperation with Van Egmond Totaal Architecten, studio id+ is working on a new setup for this area. Starting from the program of requirements and the existing context, the best lay-out models are reviewed. Here we mainly aim, from our knowledge and experience with an aging target group and the expertise in terms of experience-oriented designs, on the user and how you intuitive can find your way through the Brink.

"studio id+ designs based on reliable substantiated choices”

Bert van der Laan – Project leader VVE Park Boswijk

A spatial puzzle

Before we put one line on paper, we first thoroughly analysed the program of requirements and linked this to the information we obtained when we visited the location. From here we reviewed the spatial requirements and the available room at the location. Whereby all functions in size and type were mapped out in respect to each other in a relation schedule. This was the basis to start work.

The functions and relations are subsequently linked to the building and in a series of various studies implemented in the first proposal.

Central shaft

Our first proposal includes a central shaft that connects the entrance and the back, bordering the forest, with each other. This way we actually want to create an equivalence between both sides. Partly this was also indicated as we partly work in the existing building, where little to none adjustments in the existing structure are possible. Therefore, we place shops in the plinth of the high-rise building and as a matter of fact a route was created alongside.

Restaurant & multifunctionality

Opposite this plinth with functions space was created for the restaurant. The current kitchen is in the basement, but this does not really provide any desirable situations. Many lay-out variations were reviewed, even one whereby the complete design was mirrored. In the current variation the kitchen is placed centrally in the design. Easy on the one hand as drains do not have to run through the homes. On the other hand, this way the kitchen is an almost natural partition with the restaurant. It must be possible to use this restaurant multifunctional, so also for member meetings, performances, shows, etc. Often these areas are closed off with panel walls. A good and functional solution but in this design we were mainly looking for other types of partitions, for example by using cabinets and therefore also by using the kitchen.

The lay-out of the map might probably still change once (or several times), but the stipulated principles offers sufficient freedom to make a start.

Atmosphere & appearance

Apart from the programmatic puzzle, we have worked on the identity and the appearance of the plan. Here we reviewed the identity of the Park Boswijk itself and its residents. The key words timeless, honest, functional, warm, durable and inviting were central in this. They are translated into a peaceful, timeless basis whereby more expression can be made in the loose (replaceable) interior. Many natural materials like wood, tiles, leather and quiet green tunes are combined with each other in this.

Health & research

Within the design we have used our knowledge and experience in term of designing for an aging target group and reviewed how we can deploy our research results within the care for a clear design. For example, this is reflected in the choice for the floor finish (with attention for reflection values, light absorption, fall protection, etc.) and the routing and orientation (intuitive, user-oriented, considering sight lines). But this is actually reflected in every choice that we made.

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