tripple office

At the industrial estate Kerkdorp – Eight, on the edge of Eindhoven and Best there were three companies, each with its own accommodation. After the release of an office building in the same part there was the desire to jointly convert this into their accommodation. The three companies, respectively a product developer, product supplier/distributor and an installation company of roof safety products each had their own function and identity. So, within this assignment each identity had to remain recognisable and each company had to get an own (accessible) area.

Three identities = four styles

Within this assignment we intensively discussed and researched who these three companies were. What their core values were and how they distinguished themselves within the market. This is done based on core values, key words, image and text. From this an interior vision was developed for the different companies.

However, the building only has 1 entrance and it was the explicit wish that they did not have to use each other’s areas to access the own areas. Or in other words, you do not want to come in at one of the three companies and go to your office from there. To prevent this a ‘neutral zone’ is created. This does not just connect the areas of the different companies but also offers space for a central meeting room and the stairwell.

“Every day we still enter our office with pleasure and we receive compliments from our clients.”

Anthony Waaijers – Owner Amendex

Professionality for Amendex

Principles for the identity for Amendex (the installation company) were: young, experienced, professional, quality, customer-oriented and transparent. The company was clearly looking for the next step in its existence. The young company had grown quickly and needed an identity that matched this. This was translated into a corporate, professional and high-quality interior. With a wink to the corporate style in terms of colour use. Nowhere to be retrieved literally, but the connection with the complete (new) identity became clearly tangible.

Young enthusiasm for EnSafe

Where Amendex was looking for professionality and experience in the appearance, the identity of EnSafe (the distributor) was allowed to be indeed younger and fresher. The company was also (again) young and wanted to express this. What fresher colours, a lot of white and silver tunes where the result of this. Eventually this became the smallest of the three companies in terms of m2.

Relation with the practice for MARQ

Product line MARX; (roof) security products, wanted to construct its showroom here. After a successful first appearance on the building exhibition the company wanted a permanent area where it could place its products. The link with the distributor and the installer was therefore ideal. Although also many other installers and buyers had to be able to properly visit this place (via the neutral zone).

Within the identity the link is made with the industrial environment where the products are placed. Raw and rough materials are translated into an alternating design.


The interior of the three companies, in particular of the installer, just as the companies themselves, was still very new. It would not just be a waste of money to throw everything away and buy new. Also from the vision of corporate social responsibility and durability of the companies it would not be appropriate. Durability, in particular considering the footprint of the company was therefore the principle and core value with this assignment.

From this an inventory was first made of which parts from the interior could be re-used. Apart from various customised furniture it also concerned lighting, glass partition elements and doors, loose interior and even walls. Plus, the elements from the building exhibition stand were re-used. For example, a part of the stage is reflected in the showcases of the showroom.

Only after this we started the design. The developed identities and the existing elements were entwined together to a new interior plan.

Passion for materials

After establishing the identities and the development of the interior design, an image for the materialisation thereof is created at the same time. During the design more and more materials were collected on the work shelve of the project. Type of floor finish, options for wall covering, choices for ceiling and lighting etc. Whereby we developed a challenging assignment for the floors. Purple tunes are namely not very common in a floor finish. There is plenty of blue and grey tunes, but purple in a floor finish is not very common and is not seen a lot. So time for more creative options. After a search with various product suppliers we ended up with an American carpet that had a deep, aubergine colour. The interesting part of this carpet is that it consists of strips that can form transitions with each other. Transitions between different colour tunes. Apart from an aubergine tune there were also grey and taupe colours. Many studies have contributed to the end result; 1 large carpet with colour transitions across the complete area. Fully matched and tested to the placement of the furniture (no light colours underneath your desk where you always place your feet, for example) and the area (matching with walls, for example).

Our passion for materials is also clearly reflected in the showroom. We chose for a graphic track system that refers to the materials that occur most in practice, when placing products; bitumen, green roofs, stainless steel, brick, wood and concrete. The products can also be arranged this way. Many studies on the type of floor and wall finish have led to the result.

"Studio id+ has demonstrated that existing elements can seamlessly be melted with new interior parts.”

Anthony Waaijers – Owner Amendex
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