Quick introduction

We are studio id+. From our office in Utrecht we design healthy environment from human experience.

We are fascinated by the power of the sensory experience of space. We believe that areas are not just a place to stay but that they have an effect on how we feel. And we want to positively influence this with our designs.

To be able to do this we perform researches. Not just in our designs, we also initiate own research. Therefore, all our designs are based on (medical/scientific) knowledge. And we do not want to keep this knowledge to ourselves, but we want to share this.

“We believe in the power of the sensory experience of space and the positive effect thereof on our welfare and health.

The 'why' of studio id+

We are specialists

We believe in the power of specialisation. In a world with so much knowledge and information we do not want to be able to do everything a bit, but to do some things extremely well. We have a special knowledge and experience in the design of residential/care environment for people with dementia, with a lot of passion we work on assignment within the care sector and we have a special affinity with questions in office accommodation.

Is that all we do? Naturally, we also work on other assignments. For example, retail environments or questions about residence for the elderly. As long as the assignments stimulate us and fit within our vision.

Curious about our expertise and the researches on this that are ongoing or completed? Check out our expertise.

More about our expertise.

More about our expertises

Care Dementia Office

Our working method

In recent years we have developed our own working method. In this five principles are central. Curious about our working method and our principles? Or curious where we work and who our clients are? Check out our working method.

Want to know more about our working method? Please click here!


Our passion for the interior

From the human experience a passion for the design of the interior of building is almost automatically created. Our roots lie both in the architecture as the interior and it is this connection that inspires us the most.

Especially within the assignments we work on, we can make the connection. As we talk about daylight, we also talk about facade openings for example. And when we talk about routing and ‘way finding’ we also talk about the map. Therefore, we prefer to work on assignments where we, often in cooperation, work integrally on the interior and the building itself.

Soon we will explain more about this in our manifest.

Where we work

We work form our office in the centre of Utrecht. At a lovely secluded location, on the edge of the inner town.

Our office is a monumental building within the conservation area of the town. This part of the town was established around the end of the 19th century when it was allowed to build outside the fortifications. Here, along the girths, rich citizens established themselves. The Vogelenbuurt, where we are located, was the first neighbourhood that was realised outside the Stadsbuitengracht.

Meanwhile more than a century has passed and we are allowed to use a part of the building as office space. We have made the history of the building tangible.


Studio id+ is Anja

Studio id+ is managed by Anja Dirks. Anja graduated with a special notification from the art academy in Utrecht as interior designer. She decided to continue her study at the TU Delft where she graduated as architect. During and after her study she was employed with various renowned firms to start her own practice in 2010.

Apart from running the firm Anja is actively involved with the developments around her profession. Since 2015 she is the chairwoman of the ‘European Council of Interior Architects’ (ECIA) and she has a seat in the committee professional experience of the architect firm register.

Her drive and distinction within her field of expertise has not gone unnoticed. In 2015 she was placed in the top 100 ‘best young professionals’ by Memory magazine and in that same year she was placed in the VIVA400 by the VIVA (this list pays attention to women that are distinctive in their profession). At the beginning of 2016 she received the NVTG bouwaward.

How did we get our name?

Studio id+ is a wink to where our roots were; in interior+dementia. You might remember this name. We often already called ourselves I+D, as we obtained wider focus than just the interior for people with dementia. With studio id+ we can widen and reinforce our focus at the same time.

Plus, is also stands for identity and idea. The + stands for more than just interior+dementia. But also for more and extra, as we always want to take that extra step. But the + mainly stands for together, with each other and with you.


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